Teleconvergence is run by Oliver Thomas. I offer engineering services and consultancy to the telecommunication and IT industries. I have many years experience in a wide range of disciplines and technologies and can enhance any project team whether in testing, design, operations or sales and system engineering.

Telecommunications operators and vendors alike now require skilled professionals who can provide cross-functional expertise, bridging the gap between the worlds of software, data networking, and traditional telecommunication systems. I can provide the broad expertise necessary to deliver true convergence in the following ways:

  • I have a strong background in RF testing and design in a telcom environment. This allows me to affectively test and debug radio features and setups in both cabled lab, and 'over-the-air' outdoor, environments;
  • I have extensive experience in projects to migrate legacy infrastructure and interfaces to newer packet-based access and backhaul solutions - taking full advantage of available feature sets and making the vendor work harder for the operator. In this way I can help you to realise the full value potential of legacy assets and increase their life;
  • I can draw on many years of experience working in multiple technology environments to deliver seamless inter-working and integration with existing networks during roll-out of new features and technologies.

I work as an independant contractor. For any queries, please contact me. If I am available for work, I will consider all contracts - testing, design and a host of other roles - whether for an ongoing service or for a specific project.