Oliver Thomas - Principle Consultant, Teleconvergence Ltd.


I have over 17 years experience in testing, design and system engineering. Most recently I have been involved in end-to-end network architecture design. I have worked for both Operators and Vendors and have also spent a year working in the aerospace engineering industry which has given me the advantage of a broad view of practices outside of the telecom and IT spaces. My experience includes testing, design and system engineering assignments touching all mobile RAN technologies: 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G; and multiple backhaul technologies. I specialise in convergent technologies in the telecom space and I have a passion for delivering effective solutions to customer needs.

Recent achievements include:

  • Creation of site IP design for deployment of NSN BSC3i including Gb/IP, O&M/IP and A/IP (SIGTRAN) interfaces. Also included full profiling of BSC3i internal LAN architecture.
  • Creation of site IP design for NSN RNC2600 including Iu-PS/IP interface migration onto Tellabs back-haul solution.
  • Integration and validation of new Huawei 2G BSC testbed deployment.
  • Feature validation and regression campaign for NSN BSC RG10 software to be rolled out to Europe wide group of operators; including advanced AMR and GPRS features.

To contact me, use the contact information above or view my LinkedIn page here.